Pareza App

The NewAge Messenger and Wallet App

Pay Bills, Transfer Money,  Buy Airtime, Send Money to Friends, All in Real Time. It’s Paperless, Effortless, and Quicker than any other bank account. 

Pareza App

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Pareza Recharge

Easy Mobile Recharge, Fast & Safe Worldwide

Pareza App

ParezaApp is a unique social media app that is at the cutting edge of banking and social experiences. Social media is redefining user experiences and lifestyles across the world, and our app integrates social communication together with a digital electronic money transfer platform.

Pay Anyone

Pareza App is a universal payment tool: you can pay goods and services or transfer money to a friend instantly in one click. There is no more need to keep visiting banks or kiosks. All you need is your mobile number… that’s it!

Chat to Anyone

Pareza App is the ultimate chat app offering you more features and a higher quality of voice & video call than other chat app. Also, it is integrated in Pareza App E-Wallet, so you can instantly transfer money to a friend, a relative or a loved one in just one click while you chat.

Shop Anywhere

Anyone can buy and sell, while even the smallest businesses are empowered by advertising their goods and services on a global market place.

Share and Social

Pareza Stories is an amazing platform for sharing Informations, Ideas, Interests with your network and to the world.

Pareza Marketplace

Advertise your Goods & Services. Whether you’re a tradesman or a retailer, take your business online by creating a shop within the ParezaApp. Here you can advertise your goods & services to thousands of people and attract customers.

Easy Registration​

All you need is your
mobile number

Pay Bills

Buy airtime,
Pay your bills

Send or Receive

All you need is your
mobile number

Manage Your

Immediate alert of any
payments or transactions

Money Transfer

All transfers are
irrevocable, and safe

End to End

Calls and messages are
completely anonymous.


Send money to people
without a bank account

Multi Currency

Send, receive & convert
between currencies

Chat Free

Discover the new way of

Pareza App

Trustworthy app for your banking needs

Bridging The Worlds of Technology and Finance!

Pareza is at the cutting edge in redefining banking and social experiences. Users can not only chat with friends, send emojis, audio and video and share documents and locations; but can also transfer money through peer-to-peer payment support at the click of a button.

Sending money using the app is as effortless as sending a text!

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